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Private Labelling

Elevate Your Brand with Mor Medics Private Labelling

Mor Medics specializes in customized Private-label contract manufacturing of wet wipes, offering businesses the opportunity to introduce high-quality wet wipes under their own brand. From basic to premium quality, we assist you in every step, from choosing the best lotion formulations and substrates to packaging that suits your specific needs.

End-to-End Support for Your Unique Vision

Artwork Approval

Before processing your order, we collaborate with you to finalize all artwork, including regulatory information. You have the flexibility to design the artwork yourself, or our dedicated design team can create a unique design tailored to your brand’s identity.

Lotion Formulation 

Mor Medics provides two options for lotion formulation. You can choose from our cost-effective and proven formulations, or you can provide your own. Our team ensures that the selected lotion meets your specific requirements through stability and micro-testing.

Packing Laminate

Our experts assist you in selecting the most suitable packing laminate to retain the functional and active ingredients of the lotion, keeping the wipes moist for an extended period. The choice is based on the lotion formulations for both functional and aesthetic appeal.

Counts & Size

Mor Medics offers a wide range of packaging options, including single-piece sachets, flow packs of various counts, and canister wipes. We can also accommodate different wipe sizes based on consumer preferences and needs.


We guide you in selecting suitable spun lace non-woven fabric substrates ranging from 40 gsm to 80 gsm. The choice of specific gsm and fabric blend is crucial for the application’s suitability, ensuring that the wipes perform effectively.

Elevate Your Brand's Image

For businesses in the hotel, resort, spa, salon, and institutional supply sectors, Mor Medics offers the opportunity to enhance their brand image through personalized wet towels. These refreshing wet towels, customized with your logo and message, leave a lasting impression on guests, creating added value and a memorable experience. Mor Medics provides high-quality, cost-effective bulk packing for daily housekeeping and distribution, ensuring your brand always speaks for quality and class. Our wet wipes are a sure way to impress your customers and elevate your brand’s reputation.

Wet Wipe Variants Offered

Baby Wipes

(with & without Fragrance)
(Also Available in Canisters)
For Baby Care, Cleansing & Refreshing
Pack Sizes : 10pcs | 15 pcs | 20 pcs | 25 pcs | 30 pcs | 60 pcs | 72 pcs | 80 pcs

Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes

(with & without Fragrance)
(Also Available in Canisters)
For complete sanitization
Pack Sizes : Single Piece Sachet 10pcs | 15 pcs | 20 pcs | 25 pcs | 30 pcs


Personal Beauty Care

Make-Up Remover: For complete removal of all types of Make-up smoothly including Mascara while moisturization.
Cleansing, Refreshing & Moisturization:  Three-in-one Wet wipes for effective cleansing, refreshing & moisturization with International Fragrances.
(Also Available in Canisters)
Pack Sizes : 10pcs | 15 pcs | 20 pcs | 25 pcs | 30 pcs