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Crafting Hygiene Excellence

At Mor Medics, we take immense pride in our position as India’s premier manufacturer of Wet Wipes. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is rooted in a core business strategy that centers around creating a world-class manufacturing system. We’re pleased to declare that our state-of-the-art facility in the Indian subcontinent not only adheres to the highest standards of hygiene but also meets global wet wipe packaging norms. Mor Medics is an ISO 22716 certified company, approved by the FDA, and boasts in-house microbiological and analytical testing labs.


Inspiring Health, Hygiene & Happiness Globally

Our vision is to emerge as a global leader in enhancing community well-being through innovative products. To realize this vision, we’re dedicated to cultivating lasting partnerships with our clients. Together, we work towards the sustainable development, production, marketing, and sale of value-added health and hygiene products and services.


Empowering Lives for a Better Tomorrow

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and elevate the quality of life for a brighter future. We achieve this by continually expanding our knowledge through learning and sharing. Embracing cutting-edge techniques and systems in our daily operations. Innovating natural and environmentally-friendly products, and striving to leave a healthier planet for future generations.

Our Core Values


We have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the development of innovative products that enhance the quality of life for all.


Leadership qualities are instilled in our employees through high visibility, accessibility, and efficient decision-making. We encourage continuous improvement and empower our team to learn, adapt, and implement positive change.


We inspire our customers to lead healthier and more hygienic lifestyles by developing exceptional products and encouraging them to do the same.


Collaboration is the key to our success. We believe in striving together, sharing ideas, and supporting our colleagues and customers to achieve common goals. We respect each other’s work, position, passion, and personality.


At Mor Medics, our highest priority is conducting business with unwavering honesty, fairness, and integrity. We maintain confidentiality in our business plans and strategies to build strong bonds and ensure profitability for our customers.

Meet the Dream Team

Textile inspires and equips people to accelerate sustainable practices in the textile value chain. We focus on minimizing the harmful impacts of the global textile industry and maximizing its positive effects.

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Discover the Mor Medics Difference

At Mor Medics, we’re dedicated to setting new standards in the world of hygiene and well-being.

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